Antioch Network is an international fellowship of apostolically gifted leaders shaped by a calling to Prepare the Way for the King.

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This ministry model is rooted in the New Testament model known as “apostolic teams”, and its flexibility allows for a wide range of Kingdom initiatives. Click on the pictures/logos below to learn what just some of our team members are up to in the Kingdom:


George and Hanna Miley
George and Hanna Miley

The Mileys are active in the ministry of reconciliation, residing five or six months each year in Hanna’s home region of Germany, teaching and living out Christ’s power to shape forgiveness and healing in the inner life. But their ministry extends beyond Germany to wherever divisions among individuals and groups are entrenched. Their special passion is to cultivate unity among the Christian traditions through confession (acknowledging openly how we have wronged each other), repentance and asking for and extending forgiveness.


Wittenberg 2017
Wittenberg 2017

The overarching vision of Wittenberg 2017 is to bring healing and light to the diversity and beauty of God’s Church.  A strident spirit of individualism, division, and corruption impacts many locations around the globe, and one result is that the diversity and beauty of God’s Church and created world are often eclipsed by the ugliness of sin, separation, and suffering.  At the same time, there is an increasing number of Christians in the world who seek to find common ground with others who are prepared to sit at the table of conversation in order to learn and appreciate the differences and commonalities between churches. These members of the Body of Christ yearn for the unity for which Christ prayed.


ITN LogoThe calling of the International Turkey Network (ITN) is to advance the purposes of God and prepare for the spiritual awakening of Turkey.  ITN endeavors to connect the resources, spiritual gifts, experience, and wisdom of the global church to the work in Turkey. These partnerships find expression in a variety of ways including prayer, encouragement, training, research, consultation, resources development, telling the story of Turkey, and facilitating activities for those called to serve there.

A2J LogoApprenticeship to Jesus is a movement and way of life with Jesus.  Apprentices sense a calling to a distinct life of discipleship and mission that transforms individuals and communities.  Informed from the scriptures:  “A disciple is not above their teacher, but everyone when they are fully trained will be like their teacher. ~ Luke 6:40″, Apprenticeship to Jesus seeks to aid the church in rethinking the current models of discipleship and mission so as to more fully represent Jesus right where we are in our daily lives.

Ends of Earth
Ends of the Earth Network

The purpose of Ends of the Earth Network is to serve as a global catalyst in motivating and equipping the Body of Christ to work together in order to facilitate church planting movements in strategic locations to make the name of Jesus Christ known to the ends of the earth; that a people for His name would be raised up among every nation and all tribes and peoples and languages.

static1.squarespace.comChrist the Reconciler is a retreat center in Central Texas, where a community of Catholics and Protestants welcome individuals, families and small groups.  We are located between Elgin and Bastrop, about 30 minutes east of Austin.



Pendik International Fellowship
Pendik Fellowship (Turkey)

The Pendik Protestant Fellowship, a branch of the Istanbul Protestant Church Foundation, aims to meet the religious needs of Christians in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Turkey and the Turkish Constitution. The Pendik Fellowship, open since 2011, provides and facilitates worship for Christians who live around the Pendik area. Our fellowship cherishes Turkey’s national and cultural values and conducts its worship services in ​​Turkish.


God has been at work among His people throughout history and continues so today. Thus Antioch Network seeks to reflect a faith and practice that not only spans the centuries, but is also informed by the diverse expressions of Christ’s Church.

With vigilance and eagerness we strive to “Prepare the Way for the King”, when every nation and people will proclaim,

“Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord.